The Plaguelands

Session 2 - Lamm

Quick recap:

While recuperating at the Broken Tusk Inn, Krieg notices that the ruffians who jumped him were now keeping an eye on the Inn. Later that night, Slaryin hears a commotion downstairs in the common room and goes down to investigate. He notices 3? intruders, including an Elf and a brutish Half-Orc. The Half-Orc has the owner of the Inn pinned up against the wall with a wicked looking knife pressed into his neck. The Elf is beaing Gwen and saying things like “Did you send them after us” and/or “Don’t let us see them again”, etc.

After some deliberation, it was decided that the party should move against the gang in hopes of helping Gwen, but also hoping to remove the target from their own backs. Slaryin and Durgar, the drunk, would remain behind at the Inn to monitor things while Krieg and Reese would leave the city openly so that the Lamm gang would believe that they were gone and no longer a threat, but return covertly in 2 days. They would meet at dawn in the market square just beyond the Broken Tusk Inn.

Krieg and Reese easily manage their foray into the wild, and on their way back to town meet a dairy farmer delivering cheese to none other than Lamm! The farmer, Muhdrus, agrees to let them deliver the wheel of cheese to Lamm saving him the trip.

After meeting up in the market square, the party decides to have Reese deliver the cheese to Lamm and hopefully scout it out a bit. Reese knocks on the door, and is admitted into the house by a guard named Alan. Reese takes note of the layout of the house, and after some chitchat with Alan, determined that there are probably a half dozen or so currently living at the house. Upstairs is living quarters, and downstairs training/meeting/secret stuff rooms.

Reese rejoins the party. Confident that Reese can get Alan to open the door again, they plan to have Reese approach the house again, and then when the door is open, Slaryin will cast a sleep spell on the doorway. The party will then rush over and awaken Reese and enter the house.

The plan is executed brilliantly! Alan opens the door and Reese falls asleep. However, Alan does not. Sensing something amiss, Alan quickly pulls Reese into the house and closes the door. DOH!

Stunned, the rest of the party is slow to react. Krieg slides along the side of the house, looking for another way in, but finding none, begins to try and set the house aflame. Meanwhile, Slaryin convinvces Durgar to try an break down the door. With a running start, Durgar throws all his weight against the door, which shatters. Alan has dragged Reese to the bottom of the stairs at the end of the hall, and upon seeing the two smash through the door, stabs Reese, disbling, but waking him. Durgar rushes forward while Slaryin casts some more spells. The commotion has alerted 3 other guards who join the fray. Reese is able to crawl some ways back toward the entry way, while Durgar occupies the guards. However, Durgar is not able to withstand the concerted attacks, and drops.

By this time, Krieg has rejoined the group and hastily tries to heal both Reese and Durgar. Feeling better, Reese re-engages the enemy, but soon drops as well. Slaryin’s spells eventually turn the tide, and the group manages to dispatch the guards and heal up.

Exploring the upstairs, they come across a locked door which Durgar quickly busts through, revealing a soundproof room and a halfling that they assume to be Lamm. in bed with two concubines. Their combined might dispatches Lamm, though Durgar drops again. They find a small box filled with coins and a +1 Ring of Protection. Krieg cuts off Lamm’s head and puts it in the box before the party hurriedly leaves before anyone else can show up. (They haven’t run into the Elf or the Half-Orc, or the thugs who attacked Krieg.)

They return to the Broken Tusk Inn to rest and report to Gwen that her sister has been avenged.

Session 1 - Korvosa

Reese Blackmyr and Krieg arrived in Korvosa a week ago. With no specific time table to find his older brother, they have spent much of their time doing some odd jobs around the city, and spending their nights at the Broken Tusk Inn. During their time in the city, they have come to know that the queen is becoming more and more disliked.

At the inn, they have become friendly with a serving girl, Gwen. Reese’s inquiries as to a shipment of tea then lead to Gwen’s introduction of Slaryin Silverton, a merchant of scrolls, who travelled with the caravan containing the tea and a possible contact. The talk of tea was soon forgotten as Gwen appeared distracted and upset, and upon questioning, she revealed that her sister and nephew had been murdered yesterday by a city gang trying to make a name for themselves. Apparently, one of the gang members stole the family’s treasured heirloom, a Harrow deck. (Gwen’s sister was an accomplished teller.) Her nephew was able to retrieve the deck, but the gang tracked him down and killed him. Distraught, Gwen’s sister went after the gang leader, Gaelon Lamm, but met her demise in the attempt. She has been collecting money to try and hire some adventurers to avenge her loss and to retrieve the family’s Harrow deck.

Shocked, the group decides to help her. First, they escort her back to her house, but upon arriving are met by the spirit of Gwen’s departed sister. The ghost pleads for their help to exact revenge upon Gaelon Lamm, and vanishes. Left behind is the Harrow deck. Gwen then reveals that this isn’t her house, and is confused as to how they arrived here. Also, she reveals that the murders took place a year ago.

Now that the family’s Harrow deck has reappeared, Reese questions whether they should go after Gaelon Lamm at all fearing a backlash from the gang. In hopes of getting a portent of what to do, Reese and Slaryin agree to have their fortunes read with the Harrow deck.

With no clear answers, the party decides to verify Gwen’s story and heads back to the Broken Tusk Inn to talk to her employer, except for Krieg, who wants to help Gwen and who heads over to the Fishery to scope out Lamm’s supposed hideout. Once in Lamm’s turf, Krieg is confronted by 2 gang members, who tell him to leave at knifepoint. He does so, but notices that another gang member follows him. He stops to see what the gang member will do, which is a sling bullet over his head. Krieg begins to cast, but the gang member is quickly joined by the first two, and he is overwhelmed and left to bleed to death on the streets.

Reese and Slaryin confirm Gwen’s story with the owner of the Broken Tusk Inn. Later, noticing that Krieg has not returned, Reese and Slaryin search the streets to find him, which they do and bring him back to the inn to recouperate.


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