The Plaguelands

Session 9 - The Tomb (part 3)

Kassan’s speech

Thank you for defeating Asar. I have much to tell you – it is only right you should know the truth and history of Kassen. Over 200 years ago, Asar was a dear friend and we fought side by side along with Irimine. We came across a horde of magical treasure, greater than any mortal could handle. We took as much as we could carry and locked the treasure away. To protect against theft and madness of those who gazed on the treasure, we each took part of the key, which was split in three, forming an amulet for each of us. The treasure safely locked away, I founded Kassen with my proceeds and wealth, attempting to tame a small piece of the Fangwood. Kassen thrived, and grew but we were raided, not unusual in the depths of the wood, but these continued until we had to act. I lead a party and we tracked the raiders to base outside of Kassen. Many townsfolk had been killed so we confronted the bandits, when I discovered to my disgust and amazement that Asar the group. He appeared driven by greed and he craved my amulet. I held my own and managed to kill him but I was mortally wounded in return. My friends helped to carry me to Kassen where I died two days later – my body was interred with the body of the townsfolk and Asar. Unfortunately, someone clearly disturbed Asar’s body and he has risen. Please retrieve the amulet as the wealth it guards is too much to handle. Should the key fall into wrong hands, then much will be lost.



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