The Plaguelands

Session 7 - The Tomb (part 1)

Reese thinks that things are getting a little strange. “Let’s get this over with” he says as he approaches the tomb door and waves to the others to follow, but his progress is stopped immediately by a closed door.

After expertly opening the door, Reese is overcome by a horrid stench. Poor Firth begins to vomit. “There’s recent dead among the ancient in there.” says Slayrin, also recognizing the unmistakable smell. Reese steels himself and enters the room to find several bodies strewn across a 40×40 room with an exit on either side. Now, in addition to his sense of smell, his hearing is now attacked as he hears wailing coming from the hallway to the left. As the rest of the party enters the room, Reese notices that the walls are painted with the story of the first king. As he tries to decipher the images, the dead begin to rise and attack. But by now, Firth has regained his composure and quickly makes them dead again.

Following the path to the right, away from the wailing, Reese, Slayrin, Firth, and Chessex travel down a short hallway to a room with a fountain. Marc has stayed behind to guard the exit. As they enter the room, a hidden slab of stone descends into the hallway behind them. It’s a trap! Marc is on his own on the other side. Looking around the room, the party notices two additional exits, but both are locked. “Hmmm, there must be a way out of here” Reese thinks to himself. And sure enough, as he glances into the pool where the fountain empties, he sees that the bottom is covered in keys. The bottom, however, is at least 100 feet down. Only an expert swimmer could swim down, get a key, and return alive. Luckily, Reese is such a swimmer. With Slayrin detecting the correct key magically, Reese is able to retrieve the correct one. Chilled from the swim, Reese warms himself with a slug of brandy while the others clear the hallway and reunite with Marc.

The group is also able to open one of the other doors. Beyond is a hallway ending in another door, but is lined with alcoves filled with statues holding raised swords. Reese carefully makes his way down the hall, but accidentally triggers another trap. The swords come swooping down into the hallway. Reese drops. Slayrin drops. Firth almost drops. Chessex quickly picks them back up.

Their wounds barely healed, they proceed beyond the door to find a large statue holding two shields. One shield has the word “Family”, the other “Home”. Intrigued, Reese gets close; too close. The statue animates and attacks. Swinging the large tower shields around like two giant scythes, the party is chopped down like dry wheat at harvest. Reese is first to fall and feels his soul leaving. Then Firth. Then Marc. Slayrin’s spells are ineffective. Luckily, Chessex is able to pull Reese back from the light and get Firth and Marc back on their feet. The party retreats back down the hall barely escaping with their lives.
They decide that this way is impassible, so they go back to the entrance and try the other hallway where the wails are coming from. Progressing through a small maze filled with pit traps, the group eventually comes across a defiled temple. Upon investigation, they are attacked by an unseen assailant. Chessex is able to call upon the power of his deity and dispatch the shadow. Nothing but his prayers seemed to affect it. The party gives a sigh of relief and Reese vows to convert when they get back. Searching around, they find another key. Perhaps, this key will fit the locked door in the fountain room? “Perhaps”, Reese thinks. “Perhaps.” But knowing his luck, he thinks that they are due for a rematch with the two-shielded statue.



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