The Plaguelands

Session 4 - The Contagion

In outline form as best as my memory serves me.

  • Everyone witnessed the arrival of a portal and the rescuing of three childred by three heroic adventurers. The Three Hero’s all appear to quickly assend into the heavens after their brave deeds.
  • A couple of days later, the boy who had visited the party members offering to sell them the locked box, stumbles towards the Broken Tusk Inn with box in hand, only to fall to his death in the street consumed by the contents of the box….appearing of flameing “ambers”. The ambers spread in a plume of ash all those walking the street near by, including Gwenneth on her way to the tavern.
  • The characters learn at the mage shop, and Mage Tower, that the box was the work of a powerful Necromancer who created these boxes as a tool to spread death and kill all who come into contact with the “ambers” inside, which may easily be spead in the plumes of smoke that occur as it consumes it’s victim.
  • The powerful Necromancer was defeated long ago, and any possible solution to ending the plague boxes would reside at what remains at his old ruined tower. Wards were placed preventing anyone of great power from entering, thus the characters elect to attempt to find
    anything of value at the old tower.
  • On the Fifth level of the tower, after conquering a variety or reptilian beasts (which where untamable by the Ranger) a Tome is retrieved.
  • The characters are teleported back to the Mage tower, where one wizard alone (so not to curupt the others) studies its contents and casts spells to summon all the “ashes” return onto him. Once this is achieved the other spell casters turn on him to destroy what is left of the contagion, as well as the wizard in the process (whom was surely corrupted with the new knowledge that he gained) and the sole carrier of the contagion. Thus saving the townsfolk from genocide or being infested by the Plague that was surly to follow.



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