The Plaguelands

Session 3 - Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

My memory has faded a bit. Please feel free to augment or change.

After spending the rest of the evening celebrating the demise of Lamm, Reese and Krieg retire to their room. After a brief discussion, Reese wins the cot and promptly falls asleep. Krieg grumbles but eventually decides to sleep on the floor in front of the door. Meanwhile, Slayrin escorts Gwen home. Near dawn, Reese and Krieg’s window is forced open. Reese quickly wakes up, but is quickly knocked unconscious from a blow from the intruder. Krieg fights valiantly, but the intruder is joined by the large half-Orc from the other night and in the end is overmatched.

Awoken in the next room, Firth, investigates the commotion and confronts the intruder and the half-Orc. He too is overmatched and elects to retreat. As more people are woken up, the intruder and the half-Orc escape back out the window. A Halfling Cleric, Chessex, who is staying in a room on the third floor heals any wounded and revives Reese. It is too late, however, to save Kreig.

By this time Slayrin has returned. Reese and Slayrin discuss what to do, and come to the conclusion that they need to take out the remnants of the Lamm gang once and for all. They enlist the help of Firth, the Halfling Cleric Chessex, and another patron of the Inn, Marc.

They move in on Lamm’s old house where the Elf has now assumed leadership. Things go well and they dispatch a couple thugs quickly. Seeing the gang decimated, one of the gang runs for it and jumps into the water and disappears. Reese and Slayrin jump in after him. Reese comes up for air, and Marc takes a shot at him! But luckily it misses. Reese and Slayrin have found an underwater sewer pipe that the gang member must have used. They take a deep breath and start to swim up the pipe.

On land, the rest of the party has now moved on to clear the rest of Lamm’s old hideout. They struggle with the door which has been barred, but eventually get it down and start to explore the basement.

Reese and Slayrin eventually pop out into an underground cave and dispatch the fleeing gang member. They find a door, but are unable to open it, and return back to the surface and meet up with the party in the basement.

There, they manage to trip a trap, but none of them are mortally wounded, and eventually find a hidden key with a note.

They return to the Inn to rest and heal. The Lamm gang shouldn’t bother them or anyone anymore. Strangely, though, a kid approaches the party and offers an exchange. For 40 gold, he will give us the box that fits the key. Most of the party is in favor of the offer, but Reese feels that it is a bit too steep. Not wanting to haggle, the kid leaves once Reese refuses to pay 40 gold. Later, Reese relents and asks Broken Tusk to send word out to the kid, that they will pay the 40 gold.



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